The Believing Brain

Michael Shermer is a well-known spokesman for atheism and scepticism. Over the years he has debated many Christian apologists including William Lane Craig and John Lennox. He is personable, likable, and an excellent communicator. In his early work in this area he seemed for more balanced and nuanced in his approach to faith than the four horseman of Atheism namely Dawkins, Dennett, Harris and Hitchens. His Book “Why Darwin Matters” opposes Creationism and Intelligent Design whilst being informed and respectful of some aspects of traditional Christian Theology. However, I have noticed that in recent years he seems to have hardened his position somewhat (perhaps the side effect of constant debating or spending too much time with Richard Dawkins!) and I find that somewhat sad. The link below is to a review of Shermer’s popular book “The Believing Brain” by Eugene A Curry. It is excellent: everything one would hope for in a critical review. It is fair, balanced, informative and penetrating in its analysis. I think this is an excellent resource for the Church. Not only does Shermer raise important challenges for Christian theology but he represents a perspective that is common in Evolutionary Psychology. Therefore it is even more important that we have responses and rejoinders like this review by Curry.

I warmly recommend it for personal use by anyone interested in Christian apologetics and the science religion debate. I also think it would be a good resource for group discussion within a church fellowship dealing with these issues. Even if you are not familiar with Shermer the review will inform you of the subject matter and its importance. Well worth a read.


by Rev Dr Russel Moffat

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