Augustine, Creation and COP26

The recent UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, in November 2021, has served to focus international attention on major environmental

concerns of our time. Under the rubric of ‘Together for Our Planet’, the ambitious, though worthy, goals of COP26 were stated as being:

1) to secure global net-zero by mid-century and keep 1.5 degrees within reach;

2) to adapt to protect communities and natural habitats;

3) to mobilise finance;

4) to work together to deliver.

‘To work together to deliver’ in this important field is no mean challenge, and will require the use of every available resource. In a spirit of openness and friendly solidarity, reflections from the perspectives of diverse world views should be welcomed to the conversation. In this connection, there remains a need for the further development, at both theoretical and practical levels, of a Christian environmental ethic. Since the 1970s, many Christian theologians have become more attentive to environmental issues. Much work remains to be done.

by Very Rev Dr Angus Morrison

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