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To enquire further, or register for any of our events, please email office@graspingthenettle.org.

GTN Online - Living Faith In The Public Arena

25 Oct 2023 7:30pm Online,


Murdo Fraser MSP

John Mason MSP

Maurice Golden MSP

Jeremy Balfour MSP

GTN Online - ‘Brain, Consciousness and Near Death Experiences’

29 Nov 2023 7:30pm Online,

with Dr Sharon Dirckx, Author and Adjunct Lecturer, Oxford Centre for Christian Apologetics.

GTN Online - Theology, Capitalism, Climate and Mental Health: Responding to a God’s-Eye View of Creation Today.

17 Jan 2024 7:30pm Online,

With Professor John Swinton, Aberdeen University.

Do join us for this fascinating session designed to help us understand our world, our society and ourselves with new enlightened understanding.

Email us at office@graspingthenettle.org to register.

Please note: This event has been re-scheduled from Wednesday 20th September to Wednesday 17th January 2024