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Grasping the Nettle is able to connect you with people what have thought deeply about issues of science and theology and have expertise in these areas.

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Conference 2017 Q & A

At the March 2017 Grasping the Nettle Conference,



What response can we give to the claim that religions are so diverse that most


Response to Multiverse

In response to the Christian interpretation of the evidence that we live in a


The most Unpleasant Character in Fiction?

The God of the Old Testament has been described by Richard Dawkins as the most


A Mind Behind the Universe?

Some people – eminent cosmologists among them such as Paul Davies – accept


A Private Matter?

How would you respond to the increasing assertions of new atheist groups etc


Challenging Atheism

If a Christian had to identify just one point or question to use to challenge


At Odds with the Biblical Narrative?

A) How can we present a compelling case for the harmony of science and


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