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A Mind Behind the Universe?

Some people – eminent cosmologists among them such as Paul Davies – accept the case for there being a mind behind the universe but reject the Christian idea of God. How might we respond to this view?

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  1. /March 29, 2017/

    My thought is that this comes down to a matter of faith acceptance of the Christian belief that God has revealed himself (as has often been said) in the two books of nature and Scripture. A reading of nature points to the existence of a mind behind the universe. The book of Scripture, particularly in its witness to Christ, indicates the kind of mind (= God) we’re speaking about.Christians have always recognized the mutual accord of the testimony of these two books. I would urge a close study of the Christian position here and people can make up their minds on the basis of the evidence.

    Very Rev Dr Angus Morrison
    [Very Rev Dr Angus Morrison was recently Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland. He is a member of the Grasping the Nettle Steering Board.}