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Of Wonder and Questions

by Professor Chris Packard // Apr 2020

Science is a work in progress, motivated by wonder and the urge to find out and explain how things work. That is the thesis of this opinion piece by Professor Chris Packard , one of the world’s most renowned cardiovascular experts. In this article a clear message emerges about the need to...

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Reflections on Intelligent Design Theory

by Rev Dr Russel Moffat // Apr 2020

In this article, Church of Scotland minister Rev Dr Russel Moffat explains why he feels Intelligent Design Theory is problematic in the public debate on God and Science.

On the GTN Forum, Allan Fraser and Anthony Latham are having a debate about Intelligent Design Theory and Theistic...

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What Is The Answer In Genesis?

by Iain Morris // Mar 2017

The relationship between the orthodox science story of our origins and the Genesis account is of perpetual interest.

The most well publicised ‘ literalist’ interpretation of scripture in this regard comes from the American organisation ‘ Answers in Genesis’.

Follow this link for a...

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Religion, Atheism and Bloodshed

by Peter Kearney // Nov 2015

In the following article, Peter Kearney, Director of the Scottish Catholic Media Office rejects the view that religion is the main cause of distress, pain and bloodshed in our troubled world.

Watching the late night review of the papers on TV recently I was struck by a comment made by one of...

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Science: A Place of ‘Dark Matter’

by Peter Kearney // Nov 2015

In an era when science is often equated with certainty, journalist Peter Kearney highlights that its enquiries leave us with a sense of wonder at what remains unknowable and inexplicable.

In 2013, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Professor Emeritus Peter Higgs, formerly of the...

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Time to Grasp the Nettle

by Stuart Mitchell // Jun 2015

A personal response by Stuart Mitchell to an inter-denominational church initiative aimed at transforming the public understanding of the main issues in the Science/God debate. In this essay, he welcomes the opportunity to revisit the basic values of the Christian faith.

We live in seismic...

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