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In the Christian world of ideas there is nothing that has the least contact with reality - and it is in the instinctive hatred of reality that we have recognised the only motivating force at the root of Christianity. Friedrich Nietzsche

A Necessary Project

Another book I would recommend as essential reading for the contemporary Church in the project of renewing Jerusalem in the 21st...

by Rev Dr Russel Moffat

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The Making of the Christian Mind in the 21st Century

The Christian Religion is inescapably ritualistic… uncompromisingly moral… and unapologetically intellectual.
Robert Louis Wilkin

The Edinburgh Connection

Darwin Day has recently been celebrated by Humanists and Secularists across the globe and acknowledged no doubt, by some Christians too! Darwin came to Edinburgh in 1825 to study medicine, following in the footsteps of his...

by Rev Dr Russel Moffat

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