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“The Soul of Science
and the Heart of Religion”

Learn how science and theology, together, reveal more about who and what we are, alongside practical approaches for engaging others in the conversation.

Spread over two days (Friday evening and daytime on Saturday), this conference offers plenary sessions and in-depth, smaller workshop-style groups on speciality topics.


Speakers at the conference include:

  • Dr Bethany Sollereder, Theologian at Oxford University, specialising in theology concerning evolution and the problem of suffering
  • Sarah Lane Ritchie (Doctoral Candidate), Science and Religion Scholar (Consciousness and the Brain)
  • Prof Chris Packard CBE, Medical Scientist
  • Dr Anthony Latham, General Practitioner
  • Dr Liam Fraser, University Campus Minister
  • Rev Iain McFadzean and Rev Kristina Herbold Ross, Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland
  • Dr Andy Bannister, Author and Broadcaster

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Theological Issues: Addressing Your Questions

  • Brain, Mind and Matters of the Soul
    with medical doctor Antony Latham
  • Darwin, DNA and Divinity
    with medical scientist Professor Chris Packard

Practical Skills: Developing Your Confidence

  • How To Talk About Christian Faith Without Looking Like An Idiot
    with author and broadcaster Dr Andy Bannister
  • Grasping the Nettle—Sometimes with Words
    with Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland staff Rev Iain McFadzean and Rev Kristina Herbold Ross
  • Know Your ‘Enemy’: Responding with Grace to Unbelief
    with University Campus Minister Dr Liam Fraser

This conference has passed, and booking is closed.